August 2, 2021
Timothy vs the Aliens — Is it worth it?

Timothy vs the Aliens — Is it worth it?

Sometimes an indie game completely catches my attention. It’s not hard to figure out what it is about Timothy vs the Aliens  that piqued my curiosity, but a cutesy 3D platformer in black and white noir style, complete with an open environment, is an enticing prospect. The game launches on Steam today for $16.99 USD, and, honestly, it looks great. I’m always looking to scratch my ever-present 3D platformer itch, and so I checked the game out to see if it has the goods to grab onto the spotlight and refuse to let go. But the question stands: is Timothy vs the Aliens worth it?
Your goal is simple. You’re a noir detective-styled guy who was granted a magic playing card in his younger days. The card grants him the overused video game ability typically referred to as bullet time. The city is under attack by an alien menace. The mothership is piping in hordes of generic aliens and the title Timothy vs the Aliens blandly sums up what the focus is on. There’s no voice…
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