August 2, 2021
Rogue Company Announces New Operator ‘Switchblade’ – Weapons And Perks

Rogue Company Announces New Operator ‘Switchblade’ – Weapons And Perks

In the recent Rogue Company update show, a new operator Switchblade was introduced.

In this article, we have compiled every thing we know about this new playable character including her story, weapons, gadgets and perks.

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The Story Of Switchblade

Rogue Company just introduced its new playable character, Switchblade, who is a breacher class Rogue. She is designed to push enemy players out of cover, and help her team overpower the enemies.

Switchblade has been on the run her entire and she does not know why. But everyone she gets close to ends up dead. Meanwhile, the Rogue Company needed someone to break Ronin out of jail, so they hired Switchblade.

Signing up with Rogue Company is a temporary gig for Switchblade because the Director promised her if she joined, the team would find out who made her life a living hell. While this character doesn’t believe in promises, she feels nice to pretend. So now Switchblade is a part of the team.

Choice of weapons, Gadgets And Perks

Switchblade’s loadout has tools and abilities that give her explosive powers. Her passive ability allows her to close the gap so as soon players throw a gadget or use an ability, they will get a movement speed buff that lasts 5 seconds.

But the real deal is Switchblade’s active ability which is the Chaos Launcher. This rocket launcher creates a sizable explosion with 75 damage in the area and it also ejects Napalm canisters that set the ground on fire for some time, giving the Molotov effect.

Switchblade’s ability – the Chaos launcher!#RogueCompany

— Rogue Company News and Leaks (@RoCoLeaks) June 18, 2021

The Chaos Launcher is much more destructive than the regular Incendiary Grenades as it forces the enemies to either switch their location or die. So it’s a great weapon for flushing out opponents who are hiding behind a cover.

Here’s a summary of Switchblade’s loadout:

Primary: MLX Mark 4Primary: 24SSecondary: SpitfireMelee: Baseball BatGadgets:Bounce Grenade – A grenade that starts it’s fuse when bouncing off wallsFlashbang – A grenade that temporarily blinds anyone within its blast radiusPerks:BeserkerToughen UpBounce BackTenacityLife DrainReplenish

The new operator Switchblade will be added as a playable character in the next big Rogue Company patch, for next month.

The PTS for the Switchblade update (coming in July) is happening this weekend on June 19 from 9 AM ET until June 20th at 12AM ET. The PTS is exclusive for PC and we’ll be able to test the Arms Dealer event, the new rogue, 6v6, balance changes, and more.

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