August 2, 2021
New Valorant agent KAY/O gameplay preview – Created to kill

New Valorant agent KAY/O gameplay preview – Created to kill

With the briefest of teasers at Summer Game Fest, Riot Games revealed the new Valorant agent. I was fortunate to get a hands-on preview with the robotic Radiant killer KAY/O and get in some gameplay before he entered Valorant. Our new agent plays the role of initiator. And he does it so well. With his arsenal of abilities, I think the robot could even fulfill the role of a duelist. Here are my thoughts on KAY/O from my preview in Valorant.
The first thing I noticed about KAY/O is that his abilities deploy very smoothly; it just feels nice and easy to use them. You won’t have any problem quickly pulling out any of the robot’s utility to make on-the-fly plays.
My immediate impression is that KAY/O isn’t quite the personality of Pathfinder from Apex Legends or Claptrap from Borderlands. His voice lines are a little predictable. However, I suspect he’ll come to life when interacting with the other agents. One line I heard that I absolutely loved was “Activating kill mode. That’s …
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