August 2, 2021
Pokémon Unite Defender characters and abilities

Pokémon Unite Defender characters and abilities

While it is not the most exciting class in Pokémon Unite, Defenders can play a crucial role in the outcome of a game. These high-endurance and tanky Pokémon can help protect weaker members of your team and can act as a daunting barrier for a goal zone-bound enemy.

Despite their importance there are just three Defenders in Pokémon Unite right now, so your options are slightly limited. The lineup of Defenders in Pokémon Unite consists of Crustle, Slowbro, and fan-favourite Snorlax, and all have different sets of moves and abilities to carry out their defensive duties around the map.

To get a detailed look at each one, we’ve brought together their in-game stat ratings, their difficulty level, and their move sets so you can decide which Defender is the best for you to take into battle. Will you join the Crustle Crew or the Snorlax Squad?

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