August 2, 2021
Last Stop review — All aboard

Last Stop review — All aboard

The worthwhileness of story-based games with minimal gameplay almost exclusively depends on how engrossing the narrative and characters are. Last Stop is said to be similar to X-Files, and I can’t call that an accurate comparison. The game isn’t particularly long or interactive, and the animations can make things sillier than they should be, but the game does have its strengths. Last Stop has excellent dialogue, likable characters, and a compelling story that make it a game well worth experiencing for anyone who doesn’t mind being limited to selecting dialogue options and walking down some streets.
Last Stop appears to be an anthology of sorts at first. The game is divided into seven episodes, each with three character chapters. The game focuses on these three characters independently for the lion’s share. There’s John, a middle-aged single dad that ends up finding himself body-swapped with his young, himbo neighbor. Then there’s Donna, a high sch…
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